Stainless Steel Hand Sinks

All sink bowls have a large liberal radius. Rectangular in design for increased capacity

Hand Sinks Models: SIH817-DSIH813-F, SIH817-F, SIH817-S, SIH817-W

Hand Sinks Accessories Models: SIH-FW, SIH-FV

  • All sink bowls have a large liberal radius
  • Rectangular in design for increased capacity
  • Keyhole wall mount bracket
  • Stainless steel basket drain with a 1½ IPS
  • 8" backsplash
  • 4" center faucet holes
  • All TIG welded
  • Welded areas are blended to a satin finish to match adjacent surfaces
  • Die formed countertop edge with a No-Drip offset
  • One sheet of stainless steel means no seams
  • Heavy gauge Type 304 stainless steel
  • Wall mounting bracket is of offset design in Type 304 stainless steel
  • All fittings are brass/chrome unless otherwise indicated
  • Faucet supply is 1 1/2" IPS male thread hot and cold
Product # Description Shipping Dimensions WxDxH Weight (lbs) Specs
SIH817-D Deck mount hand sink w/faucet 18"x18"x15" 13 pdf
SIH813-F Wall mount space saver hand sink w/faucet 12"x16"x10" 12 pdf
SIH817-F Wall mount hand sink w/faucet 18"x17"x14" 14 pdf
SIH817-S Wall mount hand sink w/splash guard 18"x17"x14" 14 pdf
SIH817-W Wall mount hand sink 18"x17"x14" 13 pdf

Product # Description Shipping Dimensions W Bowl Depth Specs
SIH-FW Faucet for hand sink 9"x5"x3 2" pdf
SIH-FV Foot-valve for hand sink 11"x6"x3 3" pdf