Polyboard Tables 30" Polyboard Replacement Tops

3/4" solid Poly Board. Convenient for butchers and commercial kitchens

30"  Polyboard Replacement Tops ModelsTP3036-P, TP3048-P, TP3060-P, TP3072-P, TP3084-P, TP3096-P

  • 3/4" solid Poly Board
  • Convenient for butchers and commercial kitchens
  • Stainless steel frame, legs and under shelf
  • Welded leg gussets for added strength
  • 1 5/8” tubular 403 stainless steel legs
  • Welded tabs lock poly board into place
  • Shipped unassembled for reduced cost and space
  • Easily Assembled
  • Removable Poly Board for easy cleaning
  • Adjustable ABS bullet feet to accommodate uneven flooring
  • 84“ and above have 6 legs
Product# Width Shipping Dimensions W Specs
TP3036-P 36" 38"x31"x1" pdf
TP3048-P 48" 50"x31"x1" pdf
TP3060-P 60" 62"x31"x1" pdf
TP3072-P 72" 74"x31"x1" pdf
TP23084-P 84" 86"x31"x1" pdf
TP3096-P 96" 98"x31"x1" pdf

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