Service & Mop Sinks

Service & mop sinks are a floor mounted unit that eliminates the need for lifting heavy containers.

Models: SIM-2510, SIM2516, SIM3310, SIM3316

  • Floor mounted unit eliminates the need for lifting heavy containers
  • Tile edge finished on the rear
  • Rectangular designed bowls increase capacity
  • 3 1/2" drain
  • All TIG welded
  • Welded areas are blended to a satin finish to match adjacent surfaces
  • Heavy gauge Type 304 stainless steel
Product# Overall Height Shipping Dimensions WxDxH Weight (lbs) Specs
SIM2510 10" 27"x23"x12" 33 pdf
SIM2516 16" 27"x23"x18" 43 pdf
SIM3310 10" 35"x27"x12" 38 pdf
SIM3316 16" 35"x27"x18" 50 pdf