Shelving Accessories


  • Easy to assemble
  • Use “S” hooks instead of posts to grow your shelving unit; use two hooks for each add-on shelf; use three hooks for wide span shelves
  • Easily install dividers without the use of bolts, nuts or clips. Attaches at any point along the shelf
  • Order dividers individually
  • Easily installs, hooks around posts and in the shelving
  • Shelf ledges can be attached at the back of shelves between posts to provide a backstop
  • Stands about 7” above shelf
Categories: Classic-Chill Refrigeration, Clean Up, Display Cases, Ice Boxes, Insert Pans, Merchandisers, Prep & Cooking Equipment, Racks & Carts, Shelving, Tables, Versa-Chill Refrigeration



Chrome Product   # Epoxy Product # Shelf Width Specs
N-AD814C N-AD814EP 14" pdf
N-AD818C N-AD818EP 18" pdf
N-AD821C N-AD821EP 21" pdf
N-AD824C N-AD824EP 24" pdf


Chrome Product   # Epoxy Product # Shelf Width Specs
N-AL418C N-AL418EP 18" pdf
N-AL424C N-AL424EP 24" pdf
N-AL430C N-AL430EP 30" pdf
N-AL436C N-AL436EP 36" pdf
N-AL442C N-AL442EP 42" pdf
N-AL448C N-AL448EP 48" pdf
N-AL460C N-AL460EP 60" pdf
N-AL472C N-AL472EP 72" pdf