Heat Cabinet

Standard Features

  • The fully transparent polycarbonate door with an opening degree larger than 90 degrees is convenient for loading food and can view the food storage situation in real time.
  • Strong magnetic door handle ensures that the door seal is close to the cabinet to prevent heat loss.
  • Removable part tray holder, removable drawer type control module for easy internal cleaning.
  • The product is equipped with humidified water plate, which can prevent the water loss of food and make the taste better.
  • The product is filled with environmental protection foaming material to prevent heat loss, energy saving and environmental protection.
  • Supply air heating mode, rapid heating, uniform temperature in the cabinet, ensure food color.
  • Circular digital temperature display, easy to view the temperature in the cabinet.
  • Temperature and humidity dual control technology, adjust to the best temperature and humidity, extend food preservation and storage time.


Product# Length Depth Height Specs
HCGD-9 25.1 30.7 42.7 pdf
HCGD-18 25.1 30.7 69.7 pdf