Refrigerated Merchandiser - 1 Door


  • Exterior - coated steel
  • Interior - attractive, aluminum liner with stainless steel floor.
Evaporator fan motor that stops when door is open to conserve energy. Adjustable/removable plastic coated wire shelves. Bottom-mounted cooling unit is easy to remove and clean.

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    • Exterior - coated steel.
    • Interior - attractive, aluminum liner with stainless steel floor.
  • Rounded corner design inside of the cabinet makes it easy to clean the inside storage room
  • Double pane glass door. Self-closing. Positive seal, torsion type closure system.
  • R290 Refrigeration system holds 33°F to41°F (0°C to 5°C), Ideal for beverage and soft drinks.
  • Adjustable temperature set point and defrost frequency. Error codes to diagnose service issues.
  • Adjustable, heavy duty PVC coated shelves.
  • LED light
  • ”No stoop” lower shelf.
  • Easily accessible condenser coil for cleaning, and easy service access
  • Simple installation with no plumbing required.
Product# Doors Shelves Width Depth Height Capacity (Cu./Ft.)
C1-28GD 1 4 26" 25-5/8" 80-1/4″ 13